Wednesday, February 26, 2014

November Top water

Foggy overcast day equals shallow feeding Striped Bass. Had outstanding action on the artificial bite and ended up boating five fish, two of which hit live bait. Enjoy!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Building of a Legend

Shane Benedict of Legacy paddle Sports just posted a an article on his blog about the design and building of the Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel. It is a good read and will give you information on the Slayer propel that can not be found anywhere else. If you are even curious about a kayak that we (Native Pro Satff) are calling "The Game Changer" You should read Shane's article.

Here is a small excerpt-
"We started initial conversations about the new Propel design with Native Watercraft guides and pro staff. It was agreed across the board that the traditional paddled Slayer kayak would be a good place to start. We even had folks on the Native Watercraft Facebook page asking for a propel driven Slayer before we were even really sure we were gonna do it! Everyone thought that the open floor plan, 360 degree accessory track coverage, superior stability, and efficient paddling hull of the Slayer would make for an ideal platform to install our Propel System. What we came to realize over time was that it wasn't just a fishing kayak we now understand that it's a great boat for cruising out on the water for any reason at all."


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review of the new Astral Ronny Fisher PFD

Astral recently broke into the kayak fishing market with its new line of kayak fishing PFD's called the Ronny Fisher. I will have to be honest that when I first heard Astral was coming out with a new PFD for kayak fishing I was a bit skeptical. This was based on the fact that I presumed there were not many areas that could be improved upon that were not offered in other PFD's....Boy was I wrong there.

I have been using other manufacturers high end fishing vests and was happy with them although, after actually using the Ronnie Fisher I began to find fault with areas on my other PFD's. These faults I will not point out here as I wish to keep this about this new PFD.

The Ronny Fisher is offered in two colors Charcoal and green. The Charcoal is a subdued color where the green is kind of a neon color that is really bright.

Lets look at some of the features of the Ronny Fisher.
Shell: The exterior shell is made from 200-denier high-tenacity nylon, which gives this PFD a tough exterior.

Soft Mesh Liner: This PFD has a polyester mesh liner on the inside that promotes ventilation and is comfortable next to bare skin.

Thin-Vent Back Panel: The back panel is very thin and has a vent that allows heat and moisture to escape, making this PFD comfortable in the hotter months. The thinner back allows comfort in any kayak seat. If you are concerned about the engagement of your seat back by this vest don't be. You will be surprised at how well this vest works with ALL the high back chairs used by Jackson Kayaks, Native Watercraft, Old Town and Hobie.

Front Zip Entry: Not much different than any other high end kayak fishing PFD except the zipper is really heavy duty for years of service. The only thing I will add is that I attached a key ring to zipper tab to make it easier to manipulate zipper with gloved hands.

Tool Organizer: Holds your pliers clips forceps or anything else you can think to put in there. With protective flaps that Velcro over your tools.

Accessory Lash Tab: On the right front pocket you will find a lash point that is just perfect for holding a rescue knife and it is perfectly positioned to keep the knife out of your way while being readily accessible.

Stow Away Hood: Ever had rain run down your collar? Not with this little feature! It rolls up and stores neatly in the collar. The collar does not touch your neck so no problems when it is hot outside. The hood is brightly colored and has two patches of reflective material on it.
Two Flip Down Pockets: These are roomy and are designed to hold a small tackle box up to 6.5"X4.25" the equivalent of a Plano 5 compartment box. The inside of these pockets have a soft material and comes with Velcro strips that will attach your boxes to the flap. They each have an interior attachment points to secure any lanyards to. They also have a small expandable mesh pocket that will hold hook and sinker boxes well.

Beverage Holder: Stashed away behind a zippered flap on the left side of the vest is something that is entirely new as far as I know to PFD's. This little jewel will securely hold any 12 ounce beverage can.

Reflective Detailing: There is reflective piping and logo's on the front and back of this vest so you can be seen in the dark.

Multiple Attachment Points: There is two D-rings and four loop attachment points where you can attach retractors, carabiner's and lanyards.

This vest is very comfortable, You hardly know you have it on. You are free from rubbing and even touching the vest with your arms in the range of motions that are required when paddling and casting. The back is made in such a way that I am sure there is not a kayak seat made that this vest will not work well with.

The products that I use, I am very critical about; if I don't like it I will not publish a review on it, I give this PFD five stars against any I have used in the past. Astral has discovered a whole new approach to the kayak fishing PFD and I love it. Great job Astral!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review of the New Werner Shuna Hooked fishing paddle

Working in a kayak outfitters shop I get to handle all the brands that the shop carries. I always was impressed with the quality and construction of Werner paddles. Unfortunately until lately the only Werner paddles that were stocked in the shop were whitewater paddles, touring paddles and SUP paddles.

Just a very short while ago we received a box that contained the Werner Hooked series paddles, I was in love, finally a paddle that I could see myself using and promoting because I believe that there is no competition when compared to this product.

The first thing I noticed about this paddle is the weight, this thing is super light. With composite carbon shaft and fiberglass blades you feel like you are not even holding a paddle its size. The second thing that jumps right out at you is the fit of the two halves. there is absolutely no play, however the two halves come apart with ease. Other traditional paddle joints with holes and a depressible button inevitably have some slop in the joint. Did I mention that you can feather the blades in 15 degree increments in either direction with the SMART VIEW adjustable Ferrule?

The swing weight of this paddle is awesome and the paddle is very well balanced. This relates to less fatigue and longer trips. The blade grabs the water well and pops right out at the exit of your stroke.

In my mind there is only one paddle (by another manufacturer) that even comes close to this paddle but it is a distant second. Not to mention the other paddle is priced  25 dollars more than the Warner. If you are looking for the best possible paddle then do yourself a favor and check out Werner's line of paddles.

Here's a short video from Werner that will help you in selecting the best paddle for you.