Heritage Redfish 14 Review

I was very fortunate to acquire a 2 year old Heritage Redfish 14 and have fished out of it enough to give my opinion on it's strengths and weaknesses.

Length: 14'  
Width: 31" 
Depth:   12” 
Kayak Weight:
 72 lbs. 
Cockpit Length:  53”       
Cockpit Width:  
Bow Hatch Length:  
Bow Hatch Width:  
Stern Well Length:  
Stern Well Width:  
Capacity: 400 lbs. 

First thing I noted when first getting on the water with this craft is the stability. The Primary stability is excellent, Normal  movement in this yak does not effect it very much at all. Sitting side saddle and even turning around to face the bait well is easy  in smooth water and no problem in rougher water with a little caution. As to the secondary stability, well I have not pushed this to find the point of no return, however it seems to have a good tolerance for movement over the sides. I have stood in it but would not fish this way. So the stability of this yak to me would definitely be a strength.

 Bait well- There is enough room for a crate and a small three drink cooler, The only down side to the design would be the taper on the sides about 24" back as this cuts down on the width of the gear you can store.

I really like the layout of the cockpit area, It is roomy enough for the tallest anglers and wide enough for the wider ones. The console has enough room for a scotty base witch I use a Scotty triple mount, two rod holders and a Hummingbird 550 Fish Finder. The downside would be the factory seat. It has very little padding under your bottom and the back could stand a few extra inches in height. A good after market seat would probably fix this. The new models have the new DVC seat system which I understand are very dry and comfortable.

It has great manners while being paddled. it is fairly fast with little effort and turns and tracks well. It is very quite for those who like to SNEAK up on fish. It is a very dry ride due to it's higher sides as it sits high in the water even loaded with all your gear. The downside here is wind pushes this yak around a good bit.

The forward storage is roomy but the hatch is small. However it is very water tight with a lanyard,

The general construction seems good and the rigging is adequate. There are very few flat surfaces to mount after market gear.

Most of the issues that I have, I believe have been addressed by Heritage in the new models. I would definitely recommend this yak to someone that wants a solid fishing platform that will carry allot of weight and still perform well. There are no perfect kayaks, but for me and the way I fish, this is a great kayak.