Fishing Report Two Mile Creek 11-27-2010

Joined up with Todd and Ricky at Two Mile Creek this morning. The temp was a cool but tolerable as we headed out in search of stripers or anything that might bite our offerings. I was fishing with medium trout on downlines and one freeline. Not far from the landing I observed a small group of fish on my depth finder, as soon as I thought "This is a good sign" one of my downlines started spooling off line. I grabbed my rod and did not get a hook set. Then the freeline began to spool off line.The fight was on! it did not take long to land the 10 lb striper in this pic. a little later the wind kicked up to a nice 20 mph and forced us off of the lake. I was not disappointed as I had a nice fish for a dinner guest. Todd caught a nice spotted bass and we had a great time.
The Strpers are moving into the rivers now at least until the water cools some more, and from what I hear are biting Gizzard Shad right now. I encourage everyone to not quit fishing because it gets cold. There are some trophy fish to be had and very little boat traffic this time of year. So bundle up and go and make some friends and memories.

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