New Manta Ray rigged out

So I finally get my new Manta Ray rigged and took her out for a few shake down trips, and am satisfied that I have a working system that reflects not only my own personal flair but also is functional and efficient. So let’s begin with the basics. First fishing for striper in Lake Lanier requires rod holders whether using down lines, free lines, or trolling with planner boards in the winter. In the front is two Scotty bait caster rod holders mounted on the Groove accessory rails. There are two anodized Ram Tube rod holders mounted behind the seat.  The nice thing about the Ram Holders is they are truly able to be placed in any position.

I installed a Hummingbird 550 fish finder on a scotty base and mounted the transducer inside the hull. This unit is powered by a Werker 12 volt 7.5 amp hour sealed battery I picked up at Batteries Plus.

I custom built a camera mount to hold my video camera, so I will post the video of me catching the State Record. Haha.  No really I intend to do some instructional videos and hopefully catch some fine catches on film.
The bait tank is based off of a dog food container I picked up at Pet Smart. The only modifications I did to the original container is to put bungee hooks on the four corners to tie it to the yak. I put a lanyard on the lid so it would not be lost overboard and secured the battery powered aerator to the side with velcro. This tank holds 8 gallons of water however I only put 5 gallons in it for weight sake. Future modifications will include a O2 system instead of an aerator.

The other modifications are a 4 foot fire stick safety flag on the back and an anchor trolley on the side. See picture below for a better idea of rigging. A Native rudder system will be added in the future also, I will do a how-to on this install as there is none on the net for this boat.

 I am very happy with this craft; it is by far superior to anything I have ever paddled previously. It’s stable and fast, a dream to be in. The biggest shout out to Native would be the DVC seating system, most comfortable seat ever. I could fish for eight hours and never need to get up and stretch. 

Bottom line is even though I will be doing allot of fishing this winter, I cannot wait until spring to do some real serious fishing. If you need me…get your yak out, I will be out on the water!
Tight lines,

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