Native Watercraft Mantaray 14 Review

I have a 2010 Mantaray 14 in yellow and have been fishing out of it for some months now. Let me say compared to the Redfish 14...this thing is like a fine tuned race car. So let's just dig in and lay it on the table shall we.

Length: 14’7”

Width: 28”
Weight: 69 lbs.
this is 13 pounds lighter than the Tarpon and 7 pounds light than the redfish

Comes in eight colors: Yellow, Mango, Firebrick, Blue, Ice, Sand, Olive, and Camo

Easy Foot- foot braces- These have very large feet pads but they feel flimsy, however they are very easy to adjust from the seated position although I have not seen a need to do any adjusting once set. This feature is not available if the craft has a rudder installed. The foot rests in a rudder equipped boat is adjusted with a strap buckle.

DVC Deluxe Seat with hip pads, an adjustable seat back and extendable knee pad. DVC is an acronym for Drains, Vents and cushions, which it does very well. This is a very comfortable seat, which is a must if you fish or paddle for hours on end. There are no scupper holes below the seat so take a sponge with you incase you do get water under the seat.

The Groove- Accessory attachment system is definitely an awesome feature for any fishing yak as it allows you to install and remove rod holders, electronics or any other device you can think of and be able to adjust its position laterally on the gunwale. This makes the adjustment or exchange of accessories simple even out on the water. This makes this craft very versatile when changing fishing tactics or conditions.

Storage- the MR 14 has tremendous storage capacity. It has a very large bait well area behind the DVC Seat that measures 50” X 16”, two small hatches and one large bow hatch that is 17” X 11” to stow enough gear for overnight camping or all day fishing trips. It is easy to store up to 6 Rods inside the hull through the front hatch and the two smaller hatches with cups hold all the small stuff you might need to access quickly. Over all this craft probably has more storage space than you will ever use at one time.

Mount-ability of accessories- The MR 14 has tons of flat surfaces to mount just about anything your heart could desire.

Hull performance- The MR 14 is a good combination of stability and performance. It gets up to speed quickly and has a tremendous amount of glide once you come off the paddle. The Primary stability is OK feels tipsy at first, however this is not bad. It turns easily at slow speed and responds well to leaning. The secondary stability is awesome, It will not flip until water is over the gunwale. Tracks straight as an arrow. This is a very dry ride, I have been in 2' white caps with a 20 mph head wind at full seam and beside a small amount of spray I was very dry.

Recessed Hardware- The Native folks shaved and streamlined all fittings on the deck to minimize any snagging of your fishing lines. I like this as I have lost fish due to line getting fouled in the T-grips and handles. The only problem I have here is the recessed cleats that retain the front hatch cover; they are a pain to get the bungee's back under. over all factory rigging is well thought out and very functional. One really nice feature is the hull drain plug located port side near the center of the boat. You only have to turn the boat on its side to drain it, no more holding 14' over your head to drain.

My MR 14 is rigged out with a Hummingbird 550 mounted on scotty mount on center console, Two scotty rod holders on the Groove rails, Two aluminum ram tubes behind the seat and a home made anchor trolley on the Starboard side. I will be installing a Native rudder kit soon and will post up the How-to.

Overall in my opinion the MR 14 is better than the Redfish in many ways and I cant really compare it with other models or brands as of yet. I really enjoy being out on the water in this boat. I do not think that this MR 14 dominates any one area but is a well rounded blend to do all types of thigs.

So whether you are touring and shooting photos, multiple day outings and camping, fishing or just getting out on the water this craft does it all well.

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