Windy Day? Try drift fishing...

Does the Wind drive you off the Water?

Have you ever been out on the water and the wind picks up and you just can’t seem to remain in the spot you are trying to fish? This is really a problem on open water like inland lakes and in the open ocean. Believe it or not wind can be your friend when fishing for game fish out of a kayak. So when the wind picks up just modify your setup just a bit and overcome by drift fishing.

Technique for drift fishing

First determine the exact direction of the wind and plot a course that moves through the area that you intend to present your bait. Move your kayak upwind giving yourself enough room to get rigged and your baits down before drifting through the target area. Deploy a drift sock and allow the wind to move you through the target area. Be sure to use an anchor trolley to position the kayak in the position that best suits your presentation.

Several means of live bait presentation are down lines, free lines and Planer boards. Which one you use will be determined by your drift speed and whether the fish are deep or shallow. Note if your drift is too fast for down lines then the conditions are probably not good for fishing anyway.

you could also try trolling with your favorite crank bait or jig.

This technique can also be used when there is a current present. Learn to adapt to changing conditions and you will surely put more fish in that yak. So don't let a little wind ruin your trip.

Tight Lines

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