Rigging a Sit Inside Kayak for Fishing

So You bought a sit inside Kayak and have now decided to try kayak fishing...No problem, with a little thought and planning you can turn that tub into a nice fishing machine. No joke, when I bought my first kayak the thought of fishing from a kayak had not even crossed my mind. I began to see people fishing from a kayak every time I went out on the lake for a paddle. The seed was planted... I began to think about it allot and even considered trading my sit in for a sit on top. However at the time the finances where not available for that and I had to make do with what I had.

I brain stormed and decided that what I wanted in a fishing machine was... Rod holders, Gear storage, Fish finder, and of course a place to keep a cool beverage. The platform I would be using would be a Neckey Rip 10.6.

Here are some pics with it completely rigged out. First You notice that I built a tool bar for the rod holders and depth finder. The rod holders were Attwood 5009-4 Heavy Duty Adjustable Rod Holder with Combo Mount, Black Finish Then I mounted some flush mount rod holders behind the seat. Theses were Shoreline Marine Flush Mount Rod Holder, Black.

For storage I cut the front and sides off a milk crate for easy access. It held a six pack cooler, and various other items. I padded the bottom with a pool noodle so as not to scratch the surface of the yak, and added bonus of this set up was that the pool noodles compressed and conformed to the shape of the deck and allowed the crate to sit securely and firm. I attached a CE Smith Tournament 2 Rod Rack, White-Replacement Parts and Accessories for Tournament Fishing,  Rod Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing and Trolling to the rear of the crate for added rod storage.

The tool bar was supported on pillars cut to conform to the shape of the combing and drip area,

The tool bar and rod holders (Scotty) worked well. I Used this setup until I bought my first sit on top.

The dividends

The question is "Is a sit in kayak perfect for fishing?" The answer would have to be yes and no. There are no perfect kayaks, each has its pros and cons. However if you have a sit in kayak and would like to try fishing from it. I say GO FOR IT! The fun really is in the details. To me the rigging of a craft is just as much an adventure as fishing... and financially speaking I think we all will probably do a lot more fishing than rigging. Just make sure that you know the limitations of your particular craft and do not exceed the limitations of your craft or your experience. Other than that go out and have a blast.

Tight Lines,


Just-a-fishin' said...

Good information. I have had a SOT for a while now and love it for playing in the surf and warm weather fishing. At my wife's insistence, I recently bought a SINK primarily for paddling together. Love the way it handles and moves through the water. After using it a couple of times, I began to realize that it could be a more than capable fishing platform. I enjoy that while rigging of a SOT for fishing is well documented ... modding a SINK for fishing requires a bit more creativity. I added a "tool bar" like the one in this article and mounted a Scotty rod holder and saving a place for a fish finder. I also used the carry handles on the ends of the yak to make an anchor trolley. I love my milkcrate used to store gear and rods in my SOT, so I used PVC to make a "cradle" to use it on my SINK. As you said, there is no perfect yak for fishing, but when the weather and water gets cool, my SOT will usually remain at home and my SINK is my fishing buddy!!

Anonymous said...

Hi.. i was googling the net to look for ideas to use my very narrow sit inside, a sea kayak, to fish either with a rod or a hand line (trolling). I had to add extra stability by rigging a crossbar aft and two water bottles to make it a small trimaran. My commnet here is that when weather gets cool, you might want to figure how to keep the spray top on, while the pics here tell a different story ( crossbar with rod holdrs on the coaming).

Nice job and fish though :-) Stefano, Rome, Italy

Unknown said...

Idk if you'll even get this comment, but I wanted to thank you. So many reviews are of the "the best thing you can do is go buy a better boat, and if you don't get a Hobie you suck" variety. I got a kayak at a price I could afford (and I can't afford much), but it's a sit in, and there's not a lot of helpful info on rigging sit ins up. You rock!