The Striper bite is picking up on Lanier...April 2011

This has been a strange season for the striper bite, and patterning them has been difficult at best. The last few times out have shown more and more promise. So if you are planning on getting out and trying to get some fine line siders now is the time and I think it will only get better in the next few weeks.

The best results have come from freelines and planner boards, The down line is not quite there yet. I did catch one on top water using a crank bait pulled slow enough that it did not submerge but made a V wake on top of the water. The North end of the lake is still a few degrees warmer than the south end, and mid lake above Brown's Bridge seems to be producing. Just remember they are scattered and random just keep moving and searching, some were caught over 60 foot bottoms and some over 15 foot bottoms. but all were near points and humps but were holding in deeper water.

Good luck, Tight Lines

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