The Fish Grip Review

   I have been using "the Fish Grip" for about four months now and I can honestly say that this is a very handy device. The Fish Grip is made from plastic with Stainless hardware and built for years of  service. They securely hold even the biggest freshwater game fish so hooks may be removed and release of the fish without further harm to it. 

The positives are as follows...Light weight, It actually floats. choice of various colors, Handles fish securely and safely for the fish and angler, very affordable at about $15.00.

They really hit the nail on the head with this one when it comes to fishing from a kayak. The Fish Grip allows you to have a light weight easy to operate device that will handle the biggest bruisers even the ones with big teeth safely and securely. For further info The Fish Grip
Over all, because of cost and function I can honestly recommend this product to all kayak anglers.

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