Winter Freshwater Striper tactics

Winter is once again on us and the pleasure boaters have put their jet ski's and ski boats away until the water warms. The average kayak angler has stowed his yak away for the winter. But for me this is the best time to do some serious fishing.

This is the time to catch some seriously large fish, however in order to put some slime in the boat you have to change tactics. Right now the stripers in Lake Lanier have moved into the backs of creeks and can be found in shallow water.

Bait- Free lined trout and blue back herring, do not be afraid to use larger bait.
Pull out the planner boards and cruise the banks. Be sure to look for gulls feeding as the stripers will more than likley be under them driving the bait to the surface. You will need to cover some ground and not stay in one spot. place your free lines out about 150' behind you and run your down lines about 15 vto 20 feet deep. continually move slow enough that your down lines stay vertical in the water. You may travel a quareter of a mile between hits. remember they are scattered and constantly moving.

Wind- The wind seems to constantly be blowing, so use thhis to your advantage. Get a drift sock and set up a drift run. let the wind propel you instead of paddling. See article Drift fishing.

Artificials- If you can find fish on the graph you can jig a spoon and pick up a couple there.

Location- The stripers are in the backs of creeks right now and even in shallow water chasing the shad and herring. Do not be afraid to venture off the beaten path whereas they are scattered and not grouped.

Note: if you use a fish finder get familar with the area and then turn off your graph. Seems to increase the bite ratio for me.

Precautions-  If you go in the drink the potential is great for hypothermia, dress in layers with a water proof overgarments, use a dry bag and pack an emergency kit consisting of dry warm clothing, fire starting implements, food and water. If you do get wet get to land immediately and get dry and warm.

If you love kayak fishing as much as I do then maybe I will see you out on the water. Good Luck!

Tight lines,

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Brian said...

Great little article. I am new to kayak fishing and am seeking/absorbing as much info via the web as possible. I have seen your posts on the SouthernKayakAnglers and GeorgiaKayakFishing forums. Thank you for posting such informative reports and helping guys like myself with freely shared useful info!!!