March Lake Lanier fishing report

The bite is improving on Lanier. Right now the Spotted Bass are actively hitting top water early in the morning and in the evening. They are hitting live bait on flat lines and down lines. They are congregating around rocky banks with steep drop offs, off points and around humps, average depth between 15 feet and 60 feet. Have had some strikes on Gizzard Shad on flat lines by Striped Bass... expect this to improve quickly especially mid to late April.

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Krumm said...

Thanks for the information on Lake Lanier. I have just gotten into Kayak fishing, about 2 months ago.
I have had no luck the last 3 times out, I usually put out from West Bank overlook near the damn. I have used life bait, but find it increasingly hard to keep them alive. I use an insulated cooler with aerator, the herring seem to die within 1hour.
Any suggestions?
Thanks again for the amazing page!!