Update on the KEEP ALIVE O2 system

I have been using this system for over a year now and did a Review on it. I have recieved several questions and comments about this review and decided to post an update. Keep in mind that I am in no way associated with the products that I review. The reviews are opinion bassed on my personal use of said products. That being said lets begin with the most asked question.

What about 02 build up? Too much oxygen is a bad thing.
This is one that I will answer solely from experience. As far as I can tell there are no negative effects on the bait I use, in fact they stay alive and seem extra lively all the time. This set up has a regulator and I run it on the lowest setting, the average time that the bait is in the live well is 4 to 7 hours and I have noted no ill effects. This is in comparrison to a standard set up with a battery operated aerator which most definately one will experience bait die off.

I have read all the articales associated with this type of set up both negative and positive and am convinced that the negative articles were most likely written by those with no experience or with the intent of misdirecting people away from this product for unknown reasons.

Over all this is one product that I believe in and will always use.

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Anonymous said...

I copied your bait tank and O2 setup on my Hobie Outback. I've used it since the Spring of this year and I have yet to lose a SINGLE herring! I always put 2 dozen in the bait tank and again, I've never had one die on me yet and I've been out on some super hot days. I do throw a handful of non-chlorinated ice in there every hour or so to keep the temperature down. They all stay just as lively as they were when I put them in the tank! Thanks for the tips and keep'em coming! Tight lines!