Sacrificial Rod

Put in at Abbotts Bridge on the Chatahochee and it was raining steady. However this trip had been planned for weeks so I was prepared to put up with a little rain. Trout were bitting pretty good and there were breaks in the rain that made it bearable. However as we all know when one thing goes wrong there are bound to be other things that go wrong just around the bend. "So there I was" as the saying goes trying to coax a rainbow back out of hiding just after he short struck at the spoon I was using. I switched to my other rod which had a different offering on it...Well between the handle being wet and me being distracted by the shivers that followed being soaked to the bone...Well I will just let this short video tell the rest of the story for me. Hope you will all laugh with me on this one as I am sure we all have had moments like this. Tight lines, Walt

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