2012 Pics

This year so far has had its ups and downs, however I can always look to the good times I have had in my fishing adventures. This is a collection of some pictures that I have collected this year, and I will be adding to these through out the year.

December striper

Charles and his first kayk trip and first striper

Jay and his bounty

Morning on Wahoo

Lake Blachshear Annual GFK meeting

October Lanier Striper

October Lanier Spotted Bass

Another one

Ted's first kayak striper

Jacob's first kayak striper

Percfish and a Long Hollow Striper

The calm before the storm

Sunrise over Two Mile

Greg's Two Mile Striper

Bassassin and a spot

Percfish and a magnum spot

Dukesfin and a Two Mile Striper
Early start

Mark on the prowl

Two Mile Double

Another big'un

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