Double Trouble

Went to Two mike creek on July 6, 2012 with some friends from South Georgia who were up visiting. Started the day with little to no top water action. We caught a few Spotted Bass fishing around points around the islands. as the sun started warming things up I moved out to the deeper water just off the main channel.

I was fishing with Blue Back Herring on free lines. the problem with this time of year is that the surface water is about 86 degrees and the bait and target species are deep where the water is cooler.
Most people fish weighted down lines this time of year to get the bait down to the depth that the fish are hanging out. However I find that the short leader and weight on a down lined rig doesn't get as much attention as a bait that is able to move and run with unrestricted freedom.

The idea is that the bait also does not like the warmer water and if allowed will descend to the same depth that the target species are hanging out in. In essence you allow your bait to dive instead of towing it which pulls the bait up in the water column. Once over the area you intend to fish you just barely move to keep your lines behind you but allows the bait to freely swim at the depth they choose.

I put my bait out about 65 to 100 feet behind my yak and let them do all the work. This is not the traditional method for fishing Free lines, but it works for me. Here is a short video of the double I caught that day using this method.

Good Luck Walt

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Evan Howard said...

That looks like a ton of fun! Some serious skill there taking on two stripers at once!