Lanier Magic Late June

Between work, foul weather and some really inconsiderate boaters I have not been having much luck chasing the great white line siders on Lanier lately. However that all changed this weekend. The day started out with the ritual cup of coffee and stop at the local bait shop to get some bait. Got on the water just as the sun started breaking the horizion. What an awesome show that was.
Paddled around awhile trying to find some action on the fish finder and finally got over some active fish.
Game On! First taker
Second one, On a roll
The twins
Small fry
All in all it was a great day to be doing what I love to do the most. All fish were caught on free lined Blue back hering. Fishing over 45 to 70 foot bottom. The Stripers are shallow early but move deep as the sun gets over the water. Have not had a lot of luck on downlines as of yet. They are out there you just have to put in the time to get on them. Tightlines, Walt


Hanover_Yakker said...

Nice outing Walt - in VA it is illegal to target herring or use them as live bait in fresh water. We mostly used fat minnows when live bait fishing. Those are some fatties for sure in the photos.

Evan Howard said...

WOW! Those are studs! Great job Walt!

Evan Howard said...

Hey Walt, would those stripers eat swimbaits since they are eating shallow live bait?

Walt Lariscy said...

Evan, the bait was not really shallow. Although I was using free lines the bait was probably actually swimming at the 20 foot range. Although I have observed fish on the depth finder rise from 40 to 50 feet to hit bait at the 20 foot range. You might be able to troll a swim bait with lead core if you can maintain the proper speed. I have used this method with the alabama rig. I will admit this might be easier with one of the hobie yaks with the mirage drive.