Mid summers Morning

Met Duke at Two Mile creek this morning in search of that elusive striped silver bullet. The day started with Mother Nature painting the sky with pastels. The wind was barely even noticeable.
The water was smooth, just an awesome day to be on the water shedding the weeks frustrations.
We started out cruising the shallower water around the islands looking for some action. The bite was slow all morning and we did not have allot of luck. The sun started warming things up so we moved out to deeper water. We were joined by a late comer...Red Manta Ray...Mark joined  us in our patrol.
Today Dukes kayak had the mojo as he kept getting into the line siders only to get broke off in the submerged trees, you could sense his frustration.That's when we both noted fish on the graph...Duke said "looks like one is rising to my bait"....Wham!!!! Duke hung into this one and I was close enough to enjoy the fight Should have been a Pay Per View. You could feel Duke's determination to keep this monster out of the trees as he wrestled with this one. His drag got a good workout and so did his shoulders.
This one he boated and it was a nice one. His hook slightly bent from the fight the victor poses for his glory shot. Caught it on down lined Blue back hering over trees on a 90 foot bottom with bait set at 25 feet.
About 11:00 the power boat traffic started to really get heavy and the sun hot, so we decided to call it a day. Bumped into another kayak angler one the way in and look forward to getting the chance to fish with him soon. Adios until we do it again,

Tight Lines,

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