Yakattak Panfish and Panfish Portrait Review

Everyone who braves the elements in a small plastic boat in search of a trophy loves the challenge and mystique of catching big fish from a small boat has many stories to tell, good or bad. Sometimes it would be awesome to have a picture or video record of memories to share the experience with others who were not there with us. Enter the logistical problems of cameras and placement in a very limited space that is prone to water exposure and rough conditions.

Enter Yakattack a company who in my opinion is on the leading edge of fishing kayak product development. They designed two very versatile camera mount platforms..The panfish and panfish portrait. Along with optional accessories makes two very functional and versatile camera platforms with multiple mounting options.

The Panfish

The Panfish Portriat

Both will mount using the Yakattack Mighty Mount, A scotty base, On their Gear Trac, or on your existing Rail mount if you own a Native or Wilderness boat. Both mounts swivel for panning of your shot. Both mounts are secure and gives the angler the confidence that that water proof camera that cost a small fortune will still be attached to the yak at the end of every excursion no matter what the elements throw at you.

I Really like these two products and whole heartedly recommend them to anyone wanting to document you adventures and catches.

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