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The great thing about kayak fishing is the individuality and diversity of every angler, each has their own style and each kayak is a blend of functionality and form. I have always been enthralled by the pictures of others setups.

Here's a chance to show off that kayak and the ways that you have set it up. I will post up every submitted picture of your ride in this post for others to drool over (here's a chance to plug your club or organization also)

How to submit your pics: Email submitted pics to with the following info;
Name, Home State and city, Make and model of yak, and any notes you want included with your pictures.

I will start off this post with my own yaks, which will be the first of many posted here for others to view.

My trailer
2012 wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 with two Scotty Rocket Launchers.
 Haven't finished rigging the Tarpon yet

2010 Native Mantaray 14 with rudder

Garmin Color graph on Ram mount, 2 scotty rod holders 
Custom bait tank with Keep Alive O2 System
 5 rod holders on crate, 2 Ram Tube rod holders
Other features: Custom Anchor trolly, Yakattack Panfish and Panfish portrate camera mounts, Anchor, Drift sock, Captian Dick's SOP, Yakattack Visi Carbon pro light and flag, and a GoPro Hero.
Mostly used for Lake Stripped Bass and the occasional river trout trip. Maybe I will be able to put in the Salt soon and add Red Fish and Tarpon to the bucket list..

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