2013 Pictures

2013 was a huge success we had many awesome days fishing. Met some great people and saw the sport of Kayak Fishing grow more. These are just some of the pictures from 2013. Enjoy!

November Striper

Robert's Stripped bass

Ben and a Sardis creek Striper

39" 30 lbs.

Steve's King Mackerel

Steve and a Black Fin Tuna

Bill in his Native Ultimate 12

Small but hungry

Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5 on the prowl

Getting cooler..hoodie time!

Sunrise over Young Deer Creek

Chuck and a Lanier Spot

Zach and His personal best fish...a toothy one!

Jim and a BULL RED at Jykell Island, GA

Pete and his first kayak striper

Clark's Hill Lake

Wrestling up a large catfish 

Winter-time fatty

Cloudy day equals shallow fish

Tim and a couple of Kakonee Salmon from Lake Nantahala
East Bank Striper

Rick's second Striper

Halo fish

aggressive little spot

Caught in three feet of water

Young deer striper

Kayak lap dance

Bait over Wahoo
Duke at again!
First Striper from the Slayer
Tim's first kayak striper

Rick's first kayak Striped Bass

Long Hollow Striper

Tim,s Second Striper...a Pro now!

Nice Lanier Slab

Jim's First Kayak Striper

Two Mile Double

Scott with a Two mile Striper

Striper possey

nice line sider

Jim fighting a nice trout

Trout dinner

Jim shoots the shoals on the Chatahoochee