Interview with Georgia Kayak Fishing President

Bio: Tony Narcisse is a huge advocate of the sport of kayak fishing in Georgia. He is the president of Georgia Kayak Fishing and Paddle 4 Tomorrow. Tony dedicates much of his time throughout the year to educate and introduce others to the sport of kayak fishing. He is personable and friendly and always has time for others…and for this interview.


WALT: Tony, what drew you to kayak fishing?

TONY: I wanted a low cost boat that allowed me to fish coastal Georgia.  As it turned out, my kayak allows me to fish a much wider variety of water than I ever dreamed.

 WALT: What would you say is your personal greatest achievement in kayak fishing?

TONY:  Hmmm… that’s  a tough one. A guess it’s less a personal achievement and more of a collective achievement and pride in how Georgia kayak fishermen have embraced the idea of openly sharing their passion for the sport while promoting the very important principle of a balanced and sustainable approach in using our precious natural resources.

 WALT: If you could only have one kayak to fish out of, which one would it be and why?

TONY: It would need to be a very versatile platform so I could use it in lakes, river and coastal/nearshore situations.  12 to 13 ft, sit on top (self bailing cockpit) kayak that lends itself well to rigging.  I’ve owned boats from most of the major manufacturers and each has a boat that would work for me.

 WALT: You obviously have a passion in sharing your love for the sport with others, what would be your number one reason for sharing your passion with others?

TONY: Gratitude. I’ve been extremely fortunate to enjoy this wonderful hobby. Sharing our sport with others and doing our part  to insure these same opportunities are here for generations to come is  deeply fulfilling. I know you get it.  So do most GKF’ers.

WALT: What exactly is Georgia Kayak Fishing/Paddle4Tomorrow?

TONY: Perfect partners!  GKF is the social side of our house.  We host events that give us a chance to really enjoy the sport with friends -new and old- while visiting some of the most beautiful destinations in the South East.

P4T is the side of the house that allows us to share our sport with those that may need a helping hand to get started.  We have a tradition of working with children that may not have gotten that opportunity without an introduction from P4T.  The same with Veterans and our friends with physical or mental challenges.  P4T serves as a gateway to the world of kayaking and kayak fishing.

And then we bring it back full circle.  Many of our members started with us from P4T events.  Now, not only are they engaged in GKF, but some have taken leadership roles in the organization.

P4T also serves as the engine that drives our efforts in gentle use of our resources.  Our mission statement finds expression in our events and is relatively easy to summarize:  Access Participation Sustainability.

 WALT: How does Georgia Kayak Fishing benefit other kayakers?

TONY: The best way to answer that question is to invite your readers to join us at an event. The purpose of them is to have fun and enjoy nature.  I don’t know of better therapy than laughing and having fun.

 WALT: How do the activities of Paddle4Tomorrow benefit others?

TONY: We take the fun and spirit of GKF events and expand upon it at our P4T events. Sharing what you love is a powerful gift.  As much a gift to the giver as it is to the recipient.  I don’t know why that is true but we’ve experienced it too many times at P4T to argue the fact.

WALT: Tony, I know that Georgia Kayak Fishing has events that are designed to get kayak anglers together and to introduce the sport to others all across the State. What kind of events might interest our readers?

TONY: All of them! LOL.  I mean it.  Join us once, be it a Meet n Greet, tournament or Camp n Paddle trip and you’ll be hooked like the rest of us.  There really is something to these silly plastic boats…

Tony I would like to thank you for your time, all you do for this sport, the community and our natural resources. I am truly lucky to consider you a friend and fellow kayak angler; I feel that if we all develop your passion, compassion and zeal this world would be a better place.

Thank you as well, Walt.  With your leadership, Georgia kayak fishermen continue to lead by example in the world of kayak fishing.

If you would like to know more about Georgia Kayak Fishing and Paddle 4 Tomorrow you can check out their web sites.

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