Pop's Catfish Stew

I have fond memories of fishing limb lines in Brier Creek with my grandfather for Channel Catfish. we would always get four or five six to twelve pound cats which were perfect for catfish stew.This is so simple that it can be cooked out doors at a gathering on a propane burner. I thought it would be great to share this recipe with my readers.

Catfish, skinned and cut into chunks of about 3 inches thick.
1/2 lb Bacon
4 large onions
6 large potatoes
1 can of creme of mushroom soup
salt and pepper

Cook bacon in skillet saving bacon grease as this will be used in recipe
peel and slice potatoes and onions

The secret to making a catfish stew is how you layer the ingredients and cook the stew. so start out by layering your ingredients in a large stew pot in this order. catfish, bacon, potatoes, onion, salt and pepper then drizzle bacon grease and creme of mushroom soup over top of first layer. continue stacking in this order until you run out of ingredients. You will not need to add water as the cooking process brings more than enough water out of all your ingredients. Place the lid on your pot, you will want to cook this at the lowest possible setting on your stove. (simmer) You will know when it is done when the potatoes are tender enough that they break apart when you stick a fork in them. Now once it is done you will not want to just dig down into the pot with a ladle to serve as this will turn the entire stew into a mash. so carefully scoop from the top and serve on slices of bread making sure to get some of all the ingredients on your plate. However the gravy is the best part. This may seem simple but it is sooo good. Enjoy