Evolution of a Kayak Trailer

As with most kayak fishing projects they begin as an idea and are crudely put together, then step by step refined over time till one gets the desired result, a mix of form and function. My kayak trailer is no exception. This trailer began life twenty five years ago as a regular boat trailer that I put together to haul my Waterbug (similar to a Ganooe) I left home and moved to North GA and left the trailer at home. When I returned for the trailer the tires had literally rotted off the rims. So I bought some new tires and rims, repacked the bearings and pulled it back home to modify it for my kayaks. It started out as a means to just haul one kayak and very little had to be done in the conversion for that. Along the way in use I started to see things I wanted to improve, the short list would include fenders so it did not sling dirt and wheel grease all over my yak, areas for carrying extra gear, the ability to haul two more kayaks securely, and storage for rods as the Jeep liberty is just too short for inside rod storage. 

So This is the first Generation with some thin wall pipe, pvc fittings, self tapping screws, zip ties and some foam pipe insulation enabling the transport of two kayaks.

Notice the crude rod holders made from PVC, This evolution of the trailer was thrown together in one day because I had to start hauling two kayaks when I began guiding on Lake Lanier and got tired of loading a kayak on the roof of my Jeep.

This first evolution was just a band aid fix to satisfy my needs until I decided on exactly how to execute the mods I wanted to make on this trailer. Therefore when I decided on how I wanted to modify the trailer I made a trip to South GA where my Dad lived to use his steel working tools.First I boxed in the trailer with a frame that will support two kayaks mounted on J cradles over the primary Yak. added larger fenders and four storage shelves at the front and rear of the fenders. then I made eight rod holders from pipe welded onto a piece of steel stud. The fenders and shelves are also fabricated from steel track used in the construction of steel framed buildings. Very handy stuff for lots of things other than the construction of buildings.

Here are various angles of the finished trailer once painted, The bunks are made from cypress covered with carpet. 

Here you will notice some bungee that I put over my reels just as added insurance in case I hit some nasty bumps or potholes at highway speeds.

Constructing a trailer to haul your kayaks is not that hard but takes allot of thought and some simple ingenuity. There are many different ideas out there and one of them will work for you just don't be afraid to make mistakes along the way, this is where we learn and come up eventually with one awesome trailer.