Moby Striper

 I have been very successful at catching whatever species of fish I set my mind to catch. For me fishing is as personal an activity as one can participate in. There is always the challenge of the learning curve for each individual species that can only come by spending vast amounts of time on the water chasing said species. Also there are the goals that you set for yourself as your skills improve. It is always a matter how many you catch or how big your biggest is there is always room for improvement.

I prefer chasing land locked Striped Bass from my kayak because it is the biggest fish I can pursue with out driving four to five hours. To tell you the truth if there were Tuna and Tarpon in Lake Lanier I would most definitely be after them also. There is nothing quite like getting pulled around in your kayak while you fight a large fish.

I have set a personal goal for myself to boat a 40 pound Striper from my kayak, I know others have caught bigger Stripers in the Salt Water and other places, but for Lake Lanier this would be considered a trophy. I might be mistaken but I think that the lake record is somewhere in the neighborhood of 46-49 lbs.

Today I was reminded of how close we can come to achieving our goals while fishing and then have it snatched away because of the smallest thing happening. I mean we spend hours preparing, checking gear, checking and replacing leaders. making sure we have all the gear that we will need, ect. Then freak things happen that cost us a trophy.

Don't get me wrong I am not complaining , just making comment about a day like today. So what happened you ask? Well let me paint the picture for you.

I have not fished much in the past couple weeks due to a back injury and have been itching to get back out and get after them. I went out yesterday morning with a friend and instead of fighting fish most of the morning was spent fighting a 15-20 mph wind. so I got up this morning and decided to go back out solo and try again. The first three hours were spent searching for some active fish without any success. About 10:00 am I decided to go back to the spot I had first searched. As soon as I got set up one of my lines got hit and I fought a nice 12 pounder to the yak. I remember thinking that I should be so lucky to get another in the same spot. Had a spotted bass hit one of my lines and while I was fighting him my other rod got slammed HARD! I shoved the rod that the spotted bass was on between my knees and grabbed the other rod that had line spooling off it like a bullet. This fight lasted about 15 seconds as the hook came out.

About 15 minutes later I got hit again, This time the hook stayed. However this was no ordinary fish, this was Moby Striper. He was peeling line off of my 30 series reel like the drag was not even engaged.. Now I have about 450 yards of mono on this reel and I was starting to get concerned about him spooling my reel not to mention him getting my line in the trees. So I did what any normal person who is freaking out because the have a fresh water whale on the end of their line...  I tightened the drag. The rod I have is a trolling style rod with a very stiff backbone and this guy was bending it over like a fiberglass rod. Then.......CRACK!!!! My rod snapped 24 inches down from the tip, cause and effect and murphy's law was definitely in play here as this jerk of the line snapped the leader. I think I saw on the news that there was an unexplained scream heard all the way down to the Gulf Coast!

So my trip this morning was exciting, satisfying and disappointing all rolled into one. I had two hours of awesome non stop action, caught some nice striped bass and lost one of those once in a lifetime fish. The good news is that the rod had a lifetime warranty and the tackle shop replaced it no questions asked.

I got your name Moby and I am coming after you!

Signed Ahab