The NEW Slayer 13 Propel


Native Watercraft has once again listened to its end users and produced a kayak that will rock the industry. Enter the Slayer 13 Propel. Finally a fishing kayak that has a propulsion system.
Native watercraft took the popular Slayer platform, a stable and versatile fishing platform tweaked the hull design and worked in the Propel drive system that made the Mariner a favorite for hands free fishing.
The 2 major differences from other competitors drive system kayaks is that this platform was built from the ground up as a fishing kayak from the needs of kayak fisherman. There are tracks mounted on either side of the bow, amidships and on either side of the tank well. the kayak has plenty of room and carries weight superbly. Standing in this craft is easy and effortless. The seat is perhaps the most comfortable seat on the market. No wet rear ends in this seat.The second thing is that this drive system allows you to go in reverse. There is no other kayak on the market that offers the options and versatility that this craft does. Keeping true to its heritage as a kayak, this craft is not built like a boat.

They will come in some new color options this year like road cone, lizard lick, gator bait, hidden oak, blue lagoon, copperhead, lime and sand

There are many additional accessories that are available for this craft like a hanging battery bag, a seat caddy for fishing tools, a seat back pack, forward hatch covers, self locking paddle clips and many more. You can pimp your ride exactly like you want without even drilling a single hole.

There is a forward facing flush mount rod holder on the right gunnel that gives you a place to hold your rod while dealing with the beastie you just caught. No more laying your rod down on top of your kayak while dealing with a thrashing fish.

I have had a chance to peddle one of these and all I can say is I am more than just impressed. This thing is the most stable kayak I have ever stood in. Peddling is effortless and I can see how someone will be able to cover miles and miles of water with this beast. This kayak is going to allow me to employ some deep water trolling tactics not previously possible with a paddle kayak. This kayak is also going to be a game changer or those who like to compete in kayak fishing tournaments.

In short it is an exciting time in the sport of kayak fishing! The Slayer 13 Propel is in dealer showrooms now. If you see me out on the water and I beat you to the fishing hole, don't get mad, get Native.

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