2014 Pictures

Another year gone and the promise of an even better year to come. This post will be updated throughout the year with new pictures as they are taken. This year I am taking submissions for reader pic's, if you would like to see your pics archived in this post shoot me an email and attach your pics to the email. Be sure to include your name type of fish and location caught. Good luck this year and tight lines!

Showing off the Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel at the Atlanta Boat Show

Heading to the 4th Annual Kayak Fishing Symposium in Perry, GA. Representing Native Watercraft, Werner Paddles, Astral, and The Outside World Outfitters

First Spring Striper

Greg and a Chattahoochee Carp

School is in!

Night time Bomber

Trey and Anissa take dinner home
Barb and a Spot

Dustin wrestling with a beast

Dustin's Trophy

Dustin catches another one

Kevin and a wee one

Kevin and Eric Double up

Happy camper

Jim pulls one from the deep

Jim's first kayak Striper

Barb is hooked up!

Early Summer Stripe

Eunice and a Lanier Striped Bass

Shep and a Lanier Striper

The bite is On Baby!

Smallish Brute

Small but hungry
Talking Kayak Fishing with the Guy's

Late Spring Stripe

Mmmm...Fried Fish & Hushpuppies
First kayak catch...Not Bad at All

Camping and fishing.. Nuff said
Ricky gets his biggest and first kayak Striper
Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel on Lake Lanier
Zach catches his first fish out of his New Slayer 12
Dustin becoming a real Pro!
Even Tim catches Striped Bass out of a Slayer Propel
Robert lands a Magnum Spot
J. Slater and a Lanier Beast
Second view
Outside World's own Garrett Chism at Little St. Simons
Garrett and a small toothy critter
Summer Double
Matt and a nice Line-sider

Werner gets you to the fishing grounds!
Tim gets another one
Stripes anyone?
Andrew in his new Slayer
More schooling Stripers
Kayak camping essentials
Easy does it
Andrew, Tim and BJ on Lanier
Slayer Propel 13 in full battle dress
Andrew is hooked up!
The investment pays off
Dustin gets another one
Ben on the prowl
Saturate the water with bait? Works for me
Andrew catches a spotted bass

Sunrise over Lanier

Jason gets a King in Florida

Slayer Propel on display at the GA Wildlife Federation Dinner

The Plastic Navy is Gathering

Heading out for fun!

Say hello to my little friend!
On the prowl
Nice un!
Come here you!
There She blows!
Hooked up!
Here fishy,fishy,fishy!

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