Review of the New Werner Shuna Hooked fishing paddle

Working in a kayak outfitters shop I get to handle all the brands that the shop carries. I always was impressed with the quality and construction of Werner paddles. Unfortunately until lately the only Werner paddles that were stocked in the shop were whitewater paddles, touring paddles and SUP paddles.

Just a very short while ago we received a box that contained the Werner Hooked series paddles, I was in love, finally a paddle that I could see myself using and promoting because I believe that there is no competition when compared to this product.

The first thing I noticed about this paddle is the weight, this thing is super light. With composite carbon shaft and fiberglass blades you feel like you are not even holding a paddle its size. The second thing that jumps right out at you is the fit of the two halves. there is absolutely no play, however the two halves come apart with ease. Other traditional paddle joints with holes and a depressible button inevitably have some slop in the joint. Did I mention that you can feather the blades in 15 degree increments in either direction with the SMART VIEW adjustable Ferrule?

The swing weight of this paddle is awesome and the paddle is very well balanced. This relates to less fatigue and longer trips. The blade grabs the water well and pops right out at the exit of your stroke.

In my mind there is only one paddle (by another manufacturer) that even comes close to this paddle but it is a distant second. Not to mention the other paddle is priced  25 dollars more than the Warner. If you are looking for the best possible paddle then do yourself a favor and check out Werner's line of paddles.

Here's a short video from Werner that will help you in selecting the best paddle for you.

Shuna Hooked Fishing Paddle - Grey

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