Building of a Legend

Shane Benedict of Legacy paddle Sports just posted a an article on his blog about the design and building of the Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel. It is a good read and will give you information on the Slayer propel that can not be found anywhere else. If you are even curious about a kayak that we (Native Pro Satff) are calling "The Game Changer" You should read Shane's article.

Here is a small excerpt-
"We started initial conversations about the new Propel design with Native Watercraft guides and pro staff. It was agreed across the board that the traditional paddled Slayer kayak would be a good place to start. We even had folks on the Native Watercraft Facebook page asking for a propel driven Slayer before we were even really sure we were gonna do it! Everyone thought that the open floor plan, 360 degree accessory track coverage, superior stability, and efficient paddling hull of the Slayer would make for an ideal platform to install our Propel System. What we came to realize over time was that it wasn't just a fishing kayak we now understand that it's a great boat for cruising out on the water for any reason at all."


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