High/Low First Class Seat Oganizer Review

Native Watercraft accessories are first and foremost built with a quality that is often overlooked by a market that is all about mass production and often leaves attention to detail and quality lacking. That being said you absolutely get what you pay for.

The High/Low First Class seat organizer is the perfect accessory for the First Class seat found in the popular Slayer series, Ultimate FX series and the Slayer Propel models.

This is one accessory that is a must have for anyone that owns or is purchasing any of the Native Watercraft kayaks listed above. The High/Low First Class Seat Organizer easily wraps around the bottom bars of the seat. This ingenious design optimizes the conveniently close storage area already right below your fingertips. Along the top level are four small pockets for tool storage. It also has two large pocket that perfectly fit Plano boxes on the bottom level. Made from the same great First Class Seat fabric, it is easy to clean and drains well to keep water off your tools.

If you have ever caught a fish in your kayak and then had to search for your tools that have slid under your seat or gotten frustrated about the pile of tools under your legs in your cockpit, then you will understand the simplicity and value of this accessory.

This accessory installs easily by wrapping the bottom bar on the front of the seat and secures with straps to the rear seat bar. It is made in Fletcher, NC has four slots for tool storage. There are two larger pockets that hold bigger items like tackle boxes and first aid kits or what ever you want to stick there. There are D rings for the tethering of your tools. It is also very easy to access from the high or low seat position.

If you have a Native kayak with The first Class Hi/Lo seta...Do yourself a favor and get this little item, it will be worth it.

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