RAM Rod Holder Fix

Ram makes some great products for kayak fishing! The adjustability and flexibility are second to none. However if you have ever used RAM products on your kayak then you will be aware that sooner or later the rod holder will begin to grip the ball less and less. This slippage could result in the loss of a very expensive rod and reel combo. RAM-ROD(TM) 2007 Fishing Rod Holder with Single Socket for 1.5"" Diameter Ball Bases

There is a simple solution that anybody can do in a few minutes that will make it grip the ball better than it did when it was new.

The first step would be to disassemble the socket and clean the insides of the socket with denatured alcohol.

Then you will want to spread a thin film of LEXEL inside the sockets. Sashco Lexel, 5.0-Ounce, Clear

Allow to dry over night and reassemble...This will improve the grip if not make it better than it ever was.

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