Mad Frog Gear Transducer Deployment Arm mounting on Slayer Propel and Review

When the new Lowrance Elite 4 HDI unit became available I was quick to try the new technology out on My Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel. There were a couple of hurdles that needed to be jumped when using this unit. The first was that the transducer was massively large, and the second thing was that the DSI technology would suffer if used in a shoot through hull format.

I had always used a shoot through hull install on my Sonar set ups and had never been to crazy about the transducer being suspended over the gunwales of my kayak as I always liked a neat clutter free set up on my kayaks. So some decisions had to be made. The first obvious option was to use a scupper mount type of install, however The more I looked at this approach the less I liked it.

So I contacted John at Mad Frog Gear about testing one of his Transducer Deployment Arm's or TDA on my kayak. John was very helpful and was very willing to set me up and help me in testing his unit in a real world setting.

Once I installed and used the TDA, and being the tinkerer that I am there were a few things that I wanted to adjust for my personal application. The first was that with the transducer being so large it tended to want to plane at speed and rise up out of the water. John at Mad Frog Gear recommended tightening the hardware to make a tighter fit, however I wanted to approach this from a slightly different perspective. I just used a hook in the track with a piece of bungee cord with a loop to hold the arm against the hull when in use.

The second thing was just a little stream lining of the actuial mounting of the transducer to the arm. Generally you would attach the transducer to the arm just using a through bolt Since I was working with such a large transducer I wanted it to be more streamlined to reduce drag, so I took the OEM stainless steel bracket that came with the unit and bent it to wrap around the arm. This aligned the center line of the transducer with the center of the arm and made a very solid connection between the two.

I have been using this set up for a couple of months now and I have found that some of my original objections to this type of install were unfounded. The first one being that it would get in the way and possibly catch my lines when fighting a fish. I have simply found this is not an issue. The device is simple, easy to install and light. It can be installed in many ways such as mine directly to your track, or in conjunction with the Yakattack Cell Block, or even away from your sonar head unit in another location.

Lowrance Elite-4 HDI Chartplotter/Fishfinder Combo w/83/200/455/800 Transom Mount Transducer

Over all I am very satisfied with this set up and will continue working with Mad Frog gear in the future.

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