Pulling Lead Core for Deep Fish From a Kayak

The Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel has once again proven it's mettle in it's ability to maximize your time on the water and ability to catch fish.

I prefer fishing for land locked Striped Bass and this time of year they are very deep in the water column. The traditional method of catching them from a kayak is to use a weighted line rig called a down line. The down side to this is that the fish are also very spooky this time of year and if they even see your weight they will not bite your bait.

Some of the methods that powered craft operators use to get their offering deep are down riggers and lead core. Lead core being the least complicated system. These have not been a viable means for the kayaker as they require a consistent speed of the tow craft to be effective. Both of these methods allows you to put your lure at a specific depth and cover a tremendous amount of water. This is not a technique that I would try in a kayak that you paddle; you will most likely lose most of your lures to the underwater structure, however the Slayer Propel is the perfect platform for this technique.

So what is lead core? Lead core is a nylon braided line that has a core of lead to make it heavy. It normally comes in 100 ft lengths and every 10 yards the braid changes color. This allows you to calculate the exact depth your lure is running based on lure weight and speed of craft. For example If I let out 6.5 colors with a 1oz Chipmunk Buck tail jig and cruise at 1.5 to 2 MPH I normally run my bait at around 25-35 ft deep. Your bait will actually be some distance behind you as you are trolling and if you come over structure that is higher in the water you only need to increase you speed to raise your bait, then just slow back down when you feel your lure has cleared the structure.

Setting up a reel with lead core is easy, just make sure it is at least a 30 series reel because this big diameter line consumes a large part of your spool. First you spool a backer line using normal braid. You then attach the lead core line to that using a very small barrel swivel. Then you attach a 30 ft. Fluorocarbon leader to the lead core with another small barrel swivel. Tie on your lure and take off.

Trolling artificial baits deep with Lead Core is used for walleye, Salmon, and summer time land locked Striped Bass. This may be a method that will up your game when the bite is extremely tough.

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