The Journey

So I have been focusing on my career lately and it left very little time to actually get out on the water. (insert sad face emoji here) However time; as always changes as the seasons, and I am looking forward to getting out with friends this month. I have a trip planned at Lake Lanier the first weekend and one to Jekyll Island later in the month. It will not only be AWESOME to get out and stretch some lines it will be most excellent to see old fishing buddies that I have not seen in over two years. I looked out at my Yak today and the old song by Stevie Ray Vaughn came to mind "The kayak is crying!" I think it was the sky is crying but you get the idea. lol.

Looking back and reminiscing about the extent of the journey I have been on for the past ten years, it came to my mind that there is something spiritual about this journey and the ramifications of said experiences. To wit I will attempt to explain the reward of hard work and perseverance.

The way I figure it is; fishing is just like spirituality. We the anglers ply our trade in search of that elusive unseen prize with patience and determination.. If fish were so dumb as to grace a fisherman with their bite with no experience, with no desire, with no patience, with no perseverance and no effort then would the reward be any reward at all? Most do not appreciate things that are readily given to them, it is truly human nature to achieve or to earn. That being said; it is in fact the process where we learn many indispensable things in the pursuit of that catch, it is in fact a process. In the Bible Jesus tells a senior spiritual leader that to receive eternal life they must first be born again. This confused the leader as he literally did not understand the metaphor at all, he asked if he was to crawl back in the womb and be birthed again.

This metaphor simply meant that the pursuit of eternal life was a process that when you started on this path you did so as a baby, not knowing anything. Having to learn the simplest things and progress to the more advanced. There are no short cuts, no cheats, or get out of jail free cards. You must walk the path one step at a time one day at a time, taking all the data into account. It is impossible to solve a complex mathematical equation with out all the data to render an answer. Yes I submit that there are those who are lucky and seem to catch great fish from time to time, however will they be consistent? I think not. So just to wrap up this deep thought, Walk that path one step at a time refusing to be discouraged by a lack of success, instead focus on the things you learn along the way. If you will indulge me to use one more Biblical reference; Jesus told peter to go out and cast out his net, to which Peter replied "we have fished all night and caught nothing" Jesus then said "cast your net out on the other side of the boat" Now the other side of the boat was only a few feet from that side, but Peter complied and his net filled with large fish. So if what you are doing is not working, try something else!

Asking others where the fish are will not help you learn where to find fish, this is a short cut. I love seeing others catch their first kayak Striper as much as the next guy, however I also want to help them learn to find them for themselves. I can no more help you find Heaven than I can help you find fish, if you are not committed to putting in the time to learning and growing as a angler.

Fishing is not simply my escape; it is where I am supposed to be, it is not a place that I go, but a lifelong journey I am taking.
The reward is in the memory, the friendships, the setting and achieving of goals and the experience of being in Gods Great creation while maturing through the process.

Tight Lines,

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DamonOutdoors said...

Glad to see you are finding time to fish again Walt! See you next weekend!