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Team Sleighride finishes well in Kayakwars

Final standings in Freshwater division for team Sleighride is a solid 7th place with a total of 1530 points.

I would like to take the time to thank a few people for this years event. First and foremost I would like to thank my team mates for some awesome adventures on the water. Second I would like to thank the organizers and sponsors of Kayakwars. Thirdly I would like to thank our competition (you know who you are) for giving us a good race and challenging us to fish harder.

All in all kayakwars has been a blast, I can't wait until February to start on the 2012 kayakwars.

If you are not familiar with Kayakwars then check them out Kayakwars , Sign up and enjoy fishing in 2012.

Tight Lines,

Team Sleighride on the board in Kayakwars

As the temperature warms and the days grow longer more people are gearing up for some serious fishing action. Members of team Sleighride have finally broken the skunk and have landed a few catches to put the team on the score board in Kayakwars.

Greg Seagraves started the action with this nice Yaholla Large Mouth Bass.

Then Chris Eanes Had a strong start with 3 Lanier Stripers.

Then I landed this rather odd looking catfish and Spotted bass at Bald Ridge Creek.

This is a good start and I want to encourage all members of the team to take every oppertunity to catch some fish and have a good time while doing it.

Tight lines,